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After the sudden death of her husband Michel Berger on August 2, 1992, France Gall has had to overcome another tragedy, the death of his daughter, Pauline Burger, was washed away by the cf in 1997. A few years later, she told them how she had survived these tragedies, for a documentary on France 3.

25 years ago disappeared, Michel Berger, an icon of the French chanson, the composer of many tubes timeless music of the Twentieth century. The one who shared his life for more than twenty years, France Gall, has had to deal with this drama and then to the death above their daughter Pauline Hamburger, five years later. The young girl is swept away by a cf kept very secrete– a disease attacking chiefly the voice of the respiratory system and the digestive system.

Mourning the loss of his great love and his daughter, the singer agrees to testify for a documentary, France Gall by France Gall, broadcast on France 3 in 2001. “We do not return there to live a thing like this, told as it is, we do not return to live it, because this is precisely the thing that you want and cannot live. Everyone says that this is impossible, inhuman… And yet I live, and I couldn’t believe that this is possible. “

The interpreter Doll of wax, doll of sound has then found the solution to move forward : “I wanted to be the mom who succeeds the best in the world to survive and integrate to have lost a child because otherwise, we’re screwed. My way of thinking it was : “it is extraordinary to have known for 19 years.”” Courageous, positive, France Gall has had the same reasoning when the disappearance of Michel Berger : “it is like this that I also immediately thought : how lucky to have known him.”

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