When Overwatch meeting Pokemon

Techno 21 November, 2016

overwatch-pokemonIt was inevitable that it happens one day! When the hero of Overwatch create their Pokemon teams, it looks like this.
While the excellent Pokemon Sun & Moon you can discover our test here just came out, one wonders what pockets of monsters correspond well with each hero of Overwatch , and we are not the only ones to ask Indeed … and as you can find it here, many designers had fun imagining the thing and to implement, especially since the arrival last Sombra in Overwatch.

So beautiful we would see with Pokemon as Rotom which corresponds to his hacker skills. Still, the most obvious are Genji and Rayquaza then Greninja and Hanzo and his Gyarados not? One sees Reaper / Reaper with a Darkrai and also Houndoom while Mei sees everything a Pokemon panel type Ice afford to it. While Reinhardt would surely have the honor of being accompanied by Solgaleo which is the legendary Pokemon Sun, the main Pokemon Roadhog / Chopper would certainly Emboar! You can imagine Tracer also accompanied by his small Pichu and Pikachu, and Mercy followed by its Chansey. What Pokemon do you see with the other heroes of Overwatch?