When shooting at a school in Florida injured the son of the Deputy Sheriff : In the World : Vladim

News 15 February, 2018

During the shooting incident that occurred at school in Florida, the son of the Deputy Sheriff of Broward County, was wounded and is currently in the hospital. Sheriff Scott Israel personally talked to the press about the incident.


«My triplets graduated from this school. The son of the Deputy Sheriff was wounded in the hand. I prefer not to call the name of the child victim, “said Israel.

The Sheriff confirmed the arrest of a suspect of a crime that occurred at school. The identity of the shooter is already installed is the former exercises of this school, Nicholas Cruz.

As reported earlier, Israel the death toll in the incident has reached 17 people. The dead included not only children but also adults. 12 people were killed directly in the school building, two more were killed near the school, one on the road near a school. Two more died in hospital.

Doctors also reported 14 victims of the incident. In addition, it is known that three of the wounded are in critical condition. The doctors are struggling for their lives.