Which really means that the gap on the line of life! Still, the truth is?

Techno 28 January, 2018

2018-01-28 12:34

Which really means that the gap on the line of life! Still, the truth is?
To know the future of a person by the lines on the hands is a complex and extremely ungrateful as during the life of the label can change its character.

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It is important to understand that the presence of a deep and long life line, as well as breakage, is not the final verdict. But if you notice the following labels, be wary and pay attention to some details…

The life line curves around the thumb on the hand and may have a different level in the form of short branches, Islands, breaks. Today we’ll talk about the latter.

Guessing on the arm

The line of life butt

In this case, it is possible to observe a broken line that goes through a small gap in the palm of your hand. Such anomaly indicates that in this lifetime people can expect all sorts of trouble. Moreover, the scope of their unpredictable: from personal health to financial well-being.

Often people call such life spans black streak of bad luck. But don’t panic, because, as a rule, change any hassles come bright event.

Often this mark is accompanied by a parallel line of the guardian angel, which helps man to pass all tests.

Internal line break life

In this case, we can observe the following picture: simultaneously dangling a lifeline, as if continuing her line of Saturn. This phenomenon occurs quite often. This symptom can often indicate such conflict of life, as the loss of loved ones, divorce, financial problems or health problems.

But all the trouble will happen. To calm down, a person with a similar mark on the hand as soon as possible to plunge into his beloved work. Because the line of Saturn is responsible for career development and professional activities.

External rupture of the line of life

If the solid line of life is reflected closer to the hill of Venus, this anomaly is considered the outer gap. This sign on the hand often indicates that at a certain point in life a person will have to find the inner resources to overcome challenges and continue their traditional way of life.

What do the man has caught the black strip? Change and change! Because such tests are designed specifically for our transformation. We all have our own exams and deadlines, so do not worry in vain, seeing the fatal mark on his palm. Man, life was not grief, can not appreciate happiness.