White collar workers have protested against Valerie Plant

News 26 March, 2018
  • Photo Agence QMI, Dario Ayala
    Valerie Plant

    QMI agency

    Monday, 26 march 2018 23:13

    Monday, 26 march 2018 23:15

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    MONTRÉAL | mayor of Montreal’s Valérie Plante has been referred to, Monday, for a first manifestation of the white-collar workers of the City since the beginning of his mandate last fall.

    Tens of employees of the City have benefited from the holding of the municipal council to complain that the new administration “does not comply with the conditions of work guaranteed by the collective agreement, particularly in regards to flexible hours”.

    In a statement, the trade union of white collar workers denounced that the administration Plant, like those of his predecessor, Denis Coderre, prohibit employees from using their flexible hours to arrange their schedule so as to, for example, to look after their children, continue their studies or to take medical appointments.

    “Yet, the mayor had told us that she would rule differently from his predecessor. We demand the respect to our collective agreement, the respect electoral promises and, above all, the respect of white-collar workers”, declared the president of the union, Francine Bouliane.

    “We had believed, to a renewal in the relations of work. To date, we are deeply disappointed and want to tell him that the white-collar workers are now mobilized,” she added.

    The union added that the use of flexible hours is at no cost to the City and that the workers had accepted, during the last negotiation of their collective agreement, to reduce their number.