Who in any case can not be taken by godparents

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2017-05-06 22:27

Who in any case can not be taken by godparents
The rite of baptism of a child is a glorious celebration for the whole family!

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We know about baptism is very small, because this is the first step of man towards God, reports Rus.Media.

The rite of baptism of a child is a glorious celebration for the whole family! To the Ordinance occurred in all the canons, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of godparents for the baby.

Godparents — angels in the world that are designed to help the little man to begin a spiritual life that will protect him from the temptations of life… the Choice of the godparents impact the child’s future, it is necessary to remember always.

The baptism of children in the Church

Turning to the Minister of the Church, you can always get an accurate answer to this question. Take godfathers and mothers the following people are not allowed by the Church.


  • You can’t take to the cross of the mother of a girl under the age of 14 years, the godparents were men under the age of 15. Only when one reaches this age, you can engage in spiritual education, the Church said.
  • The monk and the nun in any case, not being able to pick godparents.
  • You can’t take the thought of people with mental illness.
  • It is forbidden to call godparents, a man and a woman who are married. Godfathers the Church forbids to marry.
  • Godparents cannot be the parents of the child.

  • The people believed that it is impossible to take cross mother for the girl the unmarried woman, and godparents for a boy — an unmarried man. Will take everything will take!Of course, it is a silly superstition. The Church didn’t take him seriously, because no Christian roots it has, and endorses this choice of godparents. The main thing that people were good!
  • Another superstition about pregnant women not being able to pick godparents mother.The Church does not forbid that! The only thing that can cause excitement: would be for the godmother to stand all the baptized, will she have enough strength. This is largely dependent on health status and pregnancy in women.
  • What is selfless love, how to understand the boundaries between good and evil, what is faith, conscience, patience, and charity: all of this should tell godson spiritual parents at every meeting. This is the main gift!

    It is difficult to understand and accept this statement. We have decided to carry in the house of godson money, toys, decided to spend the time idly. This is wonderful, of course! But many people forget that the godparents — first of all spiritual mentors.

    Young, immature soul so hard in the world! In order not to make mistakes in his youth to become a successful adult and not to regret about anything, you need a child to get a decent spiritual and moral education.

    The sacrament of baptism is performed once. In any case to baptize a child should not be, no matter what! The Church prohibits this Holy rite the second time. Any godparents chosen by the parents of the child, and will remain such for life.

    Christ comes to us in human form, what would you do for a person will make for Christ. Tell me about this useful article to your friends!