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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017


His name has surfaced recently, after the death of Ludovic Chancel, the son of Sheila. Lucien Mamou, initially designated as the lover of the deceased, would have been, in fact, one of his closest friends, a bit like a surrogate father.

The mystery still surrounds the death of Ludovic Chancel. The singer Sheila has just lodge a complaint against X for finally knowing the real reasons for the death of his son, because several of his relatives do not believe in the suicide. Among the recent controversies raised by the disappearance of the man of 43 years: this rant of his companion, who denies the rumors according to which Ludovic had a lover.


The man presented in the press as his lover would have in fact been one of his intimate friends, Lucien Mamou. Rather than a lover, Lucien was especially like a father Ludovic, who had cut the bridges with his, Ringo, very early.


It is, in any case, what explains Sylvie Ortega Munos, the wife bereaved of Ludovic Chancel, in a publication on Facebook. “He had to find a history of ass, and alas, it fell on Lucien, Lucien, who has been a father and who has watched over my baby when he was ill. Lucien me sweetheart tenderly when I was sick with kidney… a Few words that show the more open relationship between the couple with this man 20 years older, who was watching over them like a guardian angel.


On his page Facebook, Lucien Mamou mourns the passing of Ludovic Chancel, which he describes as the best friend ” and ” son of a surrogate. Very affected, he attended the funeral of his longtime friend, which took place on 17th July last in Paris.

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