Why dogs attack their master?

News 21 December, 2017
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    A 22-year old woman from Virginia was killed by his own dogs, two pitbulls that she possessed for many years, last week.

    When the authorities arrived on site, the owner of the hounds was inert on the ground, so that his animals kept, always aggressive, his body, according to the Washington Post.

    The wounds of Bethany Lynn Stephens were so deep that the authorities have been struggling to find traces of bites, according to Jim Agnew, sheriff Goochland County.

    The scene was difficult to watch, according to the authorities.

    If the dog attacks fatal to their owners are not frequent, such a thing is hard to explain.

    That can happen in the animal so that it would take the person who feeds him, gives him an affection and care for a very long time?

    The site specialized in science, Live Science, has attempted to find an answer to this question.

    Several options

    It is impossible to know beyond doubt what triggered the deadly attack.

    In general, the dogs that attack do so because of an external item. One possibility is that when the young woman went for a walk with her dogs in a wooded area, something quite unusual happened, believes Richard Polsky, an expert in animal behavior, based in Los Angeles.

    According to him, the dogs may have detected a prey, a rabbit, or a squirrel, and tried to catch it. If the owner is made at the time when the dogs went out to hunt, they could have redirected their aggression toward the young woman.

    “The dogs may have been upset by something, became frustrated and went back and attacked the owner,” explained the expert at Live Science.

    Even the sound of a bell in Ron Berman, an expert in bites canines, also a consultant in court cases.

    “Usually, you have a first assault, the human being tries to stop this aggression, and the dog reacts”, he explains.

    According to Ron Berman, dogs Bethany Lynn Stephens, may have been malnourished, because they do not usually attempt to eat a human body after the attack, unless you have hunger.

    In addition, the two pitbulls had been kept in a kennel at the father of the victim. They might have missed human contact during this period.