Why not take off your socks during sex

Techno 5 February, 2018

2017-11-24 13:30

Why not take off your socks during sex
Scientists undertook a reasonable case, and proved that you take off your socks during sex, is strictly prohibited.

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A lot of women constantly angry, swear, quarrel with their partners due to the fact that men during sex do not take off your socks, thereby insulting her as a woman and knocking on the mood, reports Rus.Media. It’s one thing if the girl will be beautiful stockings or socks, and another is if the man in torn socks and maybe even smelling.

Many people believe that during sex need to be entirely naked, even if you have different fetishes on this or that subject of your wardrobe, you should still be exclusively in the Nude. After all, sex is the merging of souls, bodies, and for such an intimate process, nothing should interfere, socks and then some. Despite the fact that it is possible during a fiery passion simply had no time to remove the socks and other things, the scientists undertook a reasonable case, and proved that you take off your socks during sex, is strictly prohibited.

Researchers from the University of Groningen conducted a study which revealed that couples that have been in socks during sex brighter, and soon reached the coveted orgasm than those who decided to bare my legs. To be precise 80% of the interviewed pairs of socks were able to achieve orgasm, while only 50% of respondents without socks able to orgasm.

It’s all in the blood flow. When you keep your feet warm, it causes the dilation of blood vessels, and this signals the brain that it is time to sleep. There is a direct relationship between the relaxation of the limbs — also known as vasodilation — that is, how quickly you fall asleep. The warmer your feet, and how far your dilated blood vessels are, the faster your brain will finish all the other things and fall asleep.

But on the other hand, where are the socks? Why can’t we wear a hat, or even jacket? Well, or, for example, do not remove the panties, using the intimate space through a special hole? If our brain need heat to climax, you can just cover with a warm blanket and get the desired result, not to look in bed like a total jerk.

In fact, many times it was tested and proved that cold feet is much harder and longer to orgasm, and so keep your feet warm and comfortable and then your orgasm will not take long.