Why not use a disposable razor

Techno 24 September, 2017

2017-09-24 16:15

Why not use a disposable razor
Experts told why it is better not to use disposable (!) the razor a few times, and why is it so called.

So, after each use, razor should be discarded, not gently, to put off, reports Rus.Media.

Scientists say that two to three times a razor can be used, but we should not abuse it. To avoid health problems, they recommend replacing the machine after a few uses. If you use the same razor more than a week, you can get in serious trouble.

Scientists, cosmetologists say that the razor easily and quickly breed bacteria. So the machines are dangerous to use. If shaving is injured, the bacteria easily enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation and other health problems.

The reason is that machines are stored wet, no one wipes, which is a great breeding ground for bacteria. While the wet strip to soften the skin can also contribute to the growth of bacteria.

As a result of improper use of such hygiene products can cause infections of the skin, redness, irritation.