Why the official photo of Emmanuel Macron annoys the mayors Gala

Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017


The official portrait of Emmanuel Macron exceeds a few centimeters from that of its predecessors ; therefore, the 36,000 town halls in France must invest in a new context. Result: $ 2.7 million to the support of communities ; some mayors, rant.

77 euros multiplied by 36 000, equal to 2,772 million euros ! This is the calculation that comes to Romain Senoble, mayor of the commune of Forges, Seine-et-Marne to question the authorities on the total cost to the load of the 36,000 municipalities of France, that imposed the change of format of the official photo of the president of the Republic.


Until now, the format of the official photo of the President of the Republic was 50×65, go figure why, that of Emmanuel Macron is 50×70 “, said Romain Senoble in a message to Facebook, relayed by The Republic of Seine-et-Marne. Result : all the town councils need to invest in a new context charged 77 euros per Sedi, a company that equips local communities in furniture.


A pill all the more hard to swallow than Emmanuel Macron has announced that Monday, July 17, that the latter will need to achieve 13 billion of savings by 2020. Furious, Romain Senoble, whose message was relayed by many mayors, so will refuse to put his hand to the pocket, and even threatening, at the microphone of France Blue, not to display the portrait of the head of State in his town hall, or put it to the old dimensions with scissors : “This is the drop of water, it is the symbol which broke the camel’s back “, he pestered.

The change of format of the official photo of the President’s going to cost€ 2.7 Million to communities. The President’s request for savings… pic.twitter.com/oLsj2hkY2A

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