Why you should become or remain a teacher

News 24 March, 2018
  • Eric Tremblay

    Saturday, march 24, 2018 08:00

    Saturday, march 24, 2018 08:00

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    For years, most of the echoes of the education environment that are surfacing on social media are rather negative, even depressive. So I decided to explain to you, today, why you should become or remain a teacher…

    Heaviness of the task, lack of substitutes and resources, abandonment of young profs: as long as I can remember, people have been coming constantly to the charge with what goes wrong in our system. Of course, it took several shots, and as an old boxer, he has a tendency to move too slowly, but on a daily basis, it made me a better person. Why would it be any different for you?

    To be quite honest, it is true that after 13 years, I feel worn out and I’m more often tired, but with the pace of life which are now faced with families of today, I consider that it is normal. As soon as you look to do more and better, regardless of the profession you could choose, and thou shalt put the overdrive and the result will be the same: the strokes drawn by another bad night, you’re going to raise your cup of coffee like the Holy Grail in you, motivating them to face the challenges of the day. As well to be a teacher, it is more paying!

    Of course, I’m not talking about money, what it is far from misery. We may not be the best paid in Canada, but compared to other places in the world where students and teachers walk for hours on paths that are sometimes dangerous, I believe that you could live much worse. It pays to be a teacher because you can really motivate people to face challenges they would not have attacked otherwise, adults as well as children.

    You can even get to give back its letters of nobility to values such as benevolence and perseverance in pointing out that the most beautiful gift to give someone, this is the time to listen to him, laugh with him in his setbacks and find a little bit of light in there. To be a teacher, is to have the daily opportunity to make people think of young people as human beings and to lead them to make fewer stupid mistakes that your parents and yourself have made in the past.

    Having a class is to create a crew that looks to you in the storm hoping to see hope, a solution. Then, when you have understood it and that you transformeras the floor of your school in a scene, you give the wings that no series of Netflix are not able to give them. Teach, it is an invitation to joint reflection and constant that will bring you, you, also, to be a person who will radiate more positively on the people around him.

    But, if you want that to happen, do not make the same mistake as me. It is important not to try to play the hero invincible and try to do everything yourself, thinking that you work better as well. This is where all the energy that you will will not be waiting for you when it’s going to go less well at home and that you will have the impression to be best with the children of others.

    Whether on the Web, in a gym or in a class where you put a day on the feet, looking everywhere for inspiration, and pushes the audacity to build projects with people inspiring. It is necessary that you look for in a school where you’re going to fail, a person that complements your flaws, and who could take advantage of your strengths and that is that everything will become easier. I swear! I live with Mrs. Josée for a few years…

    I’m going to give you one last tip : if you find the person who coined the adage that teaching is a vocation, can you tell him that this is a lie if-you-please? This must be a passion, a way of life and analyze the world that surrounds you, but this is not a profession of faith where you are wearing heavily on your cross by ” doing your best “.

    Be in a class, is to hear the laughter of children every day who manage to make you forget about your small woes personal for a few hours. To be a teacher, it is the gift of reinventing itself every year to stop during 10 months of looking at the world through the eyes of adults, jaded and sarcastic in order to become important for minds still young and curious.

    I hope that you’ll become a teacher or stay : I believe more in your idealism in wanting to remake the world as to all the political or the technological tools of the world. Most importantly, never give up on this desire to make it clear to our children that success is always possible and can change lives, no matter the tragedies that they go through. That must be it, make the world a better place, non?