Wife made to have sex in unusual places of business : In the World : Vladim

News 4 February, 2018

The couple from Portugal were experiencing boredom in the workplace. The man performed the duties of the designer, and the woman translated texts. Future relatives were employees of one company, but was unknown until then, until they were invited to participate in group sex.


The designer and translator have agreed, after that, their lives changed dramatically. Young people have officially registered their relationship. The couple began to spread in the Network videos where they have sex in unusual places. Over time, the audience, watching the family life of this couple from Portugal increased. Designer and translator resigned from office, have created their own website where you post explicit videos. Shooting videos is not without its oddities. In France and Italy, a couple was fined 80 euros for sex in public places.

Lovers are worried when the first friends they sent a message that they know what the couple earn a living. That day the couple left their native city, but soon returned. To view the video on the website of the lovers can pay 300 rubles. The more open the material is, the more expensive it is valued. Now a young family afford to travel around the world. At the moment, entrepreneurs have a rest in Argentina.