Wikio: Fever Special Edition, Highway Pure … Up to 25% off for summer sales!

Techno 29 June, 2017

Several smartphones & packs are promoted on the site of Wiko! With discounts up to -25%, you can shopper them without ruining you.
Last week, Wiko set up a launch offer around the WIM Wiko . For any pre-order of the dual-purpose smartphone, a pair of WiShake True headphones and a voucher of 80 euros at Wonderbox are delivered to you free of charge. A real good plan! But if you can not afford 399 euros for that, then other possibilities are available to you … On the occasion of the summer sales, the French manufacturer has decided to please his customers in Breaking the price of several devices & other packs. There’s something for every taste and budget … Who said you had to ruin yourself to enjoy the best season of the year?
Several smartphones are promoted on the site of Wiko … This is the case of the Fever Special Edition displayed at 189.99 euros, the Highway Pure offered 149.98 euros, or Jerry available at 79.99 euros. Three very attractive offers that you can enjoy now … Unless you prefer to opt for a pack, containing the terminal with its case. You can shopper the U Feel and the Wiboard case for 179.99 euros, the Tommy and the Wicube case for 109.97 euros, or the Sunny and the Game Changer case at 59.98 euros, among others . Now it’s up to you to make your choice. One thing is for sure, the manufacturer who recently partnered with Soprano did not do things by halves for summer sales.