Wikio U Feel Prime: 60 € saving, the reduction not to be missed

Techno 15 January, 2017

The superboosted Wiko U Feel Prime is currently enjoying an interesting discount. At less than 200 €, it would be stupid to miss out!
For small budgets, Wiko has everything to please. Subsidiary of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Tinno, the French company offers a wide selection of phones at small prices. What to equip without breaking the bank! Among the successes of the brand is the U Feel range. The latter includes a set of smartphones equipped with a fingerprint reader. The range is made up of three products, for all budgets. The most powerful of them meets the sweet name of Wiko U Feel Prime, which was already at deflated prices for Christmas . Announced at 250 € on the site of the brand, the smartphone is currently offered at 190 € online. An offer that would be really stupid to ignore!

With its large 5-inch Full HD display, Snapdragon 430 processor, 4 GB RAM and dual-SIM mode, the Wiko U Feel is an excellent value for money. He is currently on offer at CDiscount . Announced at 239 € on the site of the dealer, it benefits from 50 € of immediate discount if you add it to your cart. At less than € 190, the Wiko U Feel is therefore offered with a reduction of almost 25%! It becomes cheaper than its little brother, the U Feel “classic” , sold € 200. Looking for smartphones at a good price? Know that Wiko organizes numerous promotions at this moment . What are you waiting for to buy one?