WileyFox Swift 2X, the smartphone of 5.2 inches at low price

Techno 29 March, 2017

WileyFox never ceases to impress us. The young British brand has launched its Swift 2X in France. We had the opportunity to take it in hand and here are our impressions.
Known on the planet of smartphones thanks to entry-level terminals under Cyanogen Mod, the English brand WileyFox is back. Launched in 2015 in the country of the Premier League, this young brand did not appear in France until 2016 . And now, the young British manufacturer launches its Swift 2X in Hexagon. Featuring a bigger, brighter display, high-end technology and sleek design, this Swift 2 X is in my hands . And here is what I retain of this smartphone which is declined in two colors (Midnight Blue and Gold).
With the Swift 2X, WilleyFo rises in range. This new smartphone is a more muscular version of the Wileyfox Swift 2 and 2 Plus. The big difference between the two generations lies in the screen definition that goes to Full HD and the capacity of the battery which is a bigger chouïa. Aesthetically pleasing, the Swift 2X has a beautiful metallic design with an aluminum shell made from alloys used in aeronautics and cut with diamond. The lock / unlock and volume – / + buttons are nice to the touch and are placed on the right side, while the port for two SIM cards is on the left side.
There is a jack on the top of the smartphone and a fingerprint sensor on the back. That said, the first thing I wanted to do when I discovered the screen of this Swift 2X is to use it as a video player to watch, for example, series in bed. It must be said that the colors are mind-blowing and the screen adapts to all the conditions of brightness, from the sunny terrace to the room dipped in the darkness. I can not wait to test it because at the moment, I am pleasantly surprised by this smartphone of WileyFox which is good to take in hand thanks to its rounded lines and especially, his back bent.