Winter sales 2017: The Nintendo 2DS and three cult games at a small price

Techno 3 February, 2017

Looking for a Nintendo 2DS at a low price? Good news, the console is sold at low prices at the FNAC with three cult games!
Rest assured: the winter balances are not finished and the offers always swell as much on the net. If you do not have time to look for the right deal, meltyStyle will take care of it for you. The latest one concerns one of the most sold portable consoles in recent years: the Nintendo 2DS. A small toy that embeds powerful features and can play the biggest hits of the Japanese studio (but also other equally talented developers). The FNAC, who also proposed reductions on the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, the iPad … now comes with a promotion for the Nintendo 2DS and three games offered with!
The console thus passes from 110 euros to 79.90 euros: a 27% reduction rather attractive ! The three games offered with the Nintendo 2DS will probably not be unknown to you as they are Mario Kart 7, Tetris and Resident Evil Revelations. What to challenge your friends on several circuits endiablés, you dig the meninges or even flipper against zombies. Nintendo, the Switch would soon be more popular than the Xbox One , is a safe bet consoles and miss this promotion for less than 100 euros would be a shame. Especially as the many hits of the 2DS are now quite affordable. To buy the package, go to this address. Ready to chop the pack?