Women cops in Britain will allow you to cry and undress : In the World : Vladim

News 4 February, 2018

In Nottinghamshire in the UK introduced new rules that allow female cops to cry and take your clothes off. Information about it spread by the British media.


The reason for changing the rules is that women are often dismissed from service. Now at high tide, the heat is typical for ladies in menopause, they are allowed to undress in the workplace. Citizens will provide a special room to have a psychological relief. In this room, female police officers will be able to cry or otherwise Express their own emotions. The room must be a fan. Law enforcement officers are now provided with a place where they can talk with colleagues about what happened during the day.

Elected officials in the Parliament building Britain called such changes to the internal regulations degrading to women officers, who by the nature of the service encounter cruelty, killings and other incidents sakalowski their character. In Europe many companies impose special rules for ladies in menopause.