Women, including Catherine Deneuve, want to leave to the men “the freedom to annoy”

News 9 January, 2018
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    FCatherine Deneuve.


    Tuesday, January 9, 2018 09:54

    Tuesday, January 9, 2018 09:54

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    Paris | A collective of women, including actress Catherine Deneuve, was released Tuesday from a forum in France to “defend” the “freedom to harass” men, and oppose the “campaign of the delations” that emerged after the case of Weinstein, which is opposite to the reactions to this scandal in the world.

    “Rape is a crime. But the dredge insistent or awkward is not a crime nor gallantry aggression macho”, write in the newspaper World a hundred actresses, writers, researchers or journalists, in rejecting the “puritanism” emerged since the first accusations of harassment and sexual assault, aimed at the powerful american producer.

    According to them, if “a legitimate kind of awareness of sexual violence exercised on women, especially in the professional context” was held after the deal, “this freedom of speech turns today into its opposite: we are intimate to speak as it should, shut that angry, and those who refuse to comply with such orders are regarded as traitors, accomplices !”.

    “Campaign of the delations “, ” expeditious justice “: men have been ” sanctioned in the exercise of their profession, forced to resign, while they only had only fault is that of having touched a knee, tried to steal a kiss, spoke of things “intimate” at a dinner party professional or to have sent messages with sexual connotations to a woman with whom the attraction was not mutual”, they support, citing a “wave purificator”.

    For this group, “this fever to send the “pigs” at the slaughterhouse, far from helping women to empower themselves, serves, in reality, the interests of the enemies of sexual freedom, religious extremists, the worst reactionaries and those who believe (…) that women are beings apart, children to face adult, claiming to be protected”.

    “As women, we don’t recognize in this feminism, which, beyond the denunciation of abuse of authority, takes the face of a hatred of men and sexuality”, are the signatories of this text, supposedly to defend “freedom to annoy, which is essential to sexual freedom”.