“Work, it helps me stay in shape”

News 3 February, 2018
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    To 69 years, Denis Bernier has been working twenty hours per week in a centre for the renovation of his neighborhood, Notre-Dame-de-Grace.

    Martine Turenne

    Saturday, February 3, 2018 01:00

    Saturday, February 3, 2018 01:00

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    “The retreat, this is not what you watch on tv. It is much more boring, ” says Denis Bernier.

    The siena began there a decade ago. The company for which he worked, who was selling equipment and office furniture, put the key in the door.

    Denis Bernier was 57 years old.

    “I told myself that it would be difficult for me to find work. My wife said to me : Denis, taking it “easy”, you have worked your whole life… “

    This is what he has done. But he quickly found the time long, very long.

    “My wife was still working, my children were great. I was going to the cinema, to the museum, on a trip to Quebec… But one gets tired of this life of leisure. I wanted to find something to do. I had no financial obligations. No pressure. But I had a space to fill. “

    The happiness in the 2 X 4

    After a few months of retirement life, Denis Bernier goes to apply for the Home Depot in his neighborhood, Notre-Dame-de-Grace. And he is quickly hired.

    “I did the marketing and customer service all my life, so I had a good experience of sales. And there is nothing more demanding than sell office furniture ! “

    Today he works in the materials of construction. He had not had experience as such from the hardware store, but he had a home, she has had problems, it was renovated. “I’ve been trained on the job. I had a good knowledge of the houses in the neighborhood, built there a hundred years. The flat roof that leaks, the brick that it is necessary to make repair, the poor insulation, the foundations on the clay… I understand my clients. Today, there are other kinds of problems, especially those in soundproofing in the new condos. “

    He loves what he does, the staff, the atmosphere.

    Not grumpy

    “I never comes in bougonnant. “He likes the physical side of the work. “In a figure of 7-8 hours of work, an employee walk easily five miles away. This is one of the reasons why I am here, it helps me keep in shape. My doctor said to me : Denis, you don’t have the curved back nor the head down, you’re in great shape. “

    This great-grandfather of two grandchildren, age 69, see all the same that to work is more tiring than it was five years ago.

    “Before, I was doing 32 hours a week, now, it’s between 16 and 20 hours, spread over three or four days, because I do not work more than five hours away. Here, it is still standing, on cement, with boots heavy. I always end my days with a sore back and legs. “

    It has no “official date” of retirement, but at age 71, he will likely, especially because at that age, canadian citizens are forced to cash in their RRSPS. Working with him will bring nothing financially.

    “I’ll have to say : this is enough. It is necessary to stop at a given time. “

    It will be volunteer work, probably in a hospital, many in his neighborhood. Six years ago, his wife died of cancer. He wants to stay busy. “I don’t think I never have anything in my schedule, and stay home ! “