Workers mowed down on the road in Ascot Corner

News 19 July, 2017
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    Shanny Hallé

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 18:42

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 18:46

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    ASCOT CORNER| Monday morning, a driver that has had a discomfort was mowed down four youths who were cleaning the edge of route 112 in Ascot Corner, in Estrie. One of the workers to fight for his life. One of the victims of the accident, Sonny St-Laurent moves with a cane since his release from the hospital. He cut the grass with three other workers, when they were overthrown.

    The motorist, a 67 year old woman, would have been a discomfort.

    “Anthony (one of the other workers) and I picked up the front of the vehicle. My friend has revolé 10 feet in the air, and I went and hit me in the back of the truck. It has fessé,” says Sonny St-Laurent.

    His co-worker and long time friend, Anthony Blais, 20 years old is still in a critical condition.

    “It is fact open. He made two haemorrhages in the thigh and in the stomach,” he adds.

    Sonny St-Laurent wishes to send a message to road users.

    “Big “van” for it to pass quickly. We were lucky that it was not a larger vehicle. It is necessary that motorists pay attention when there are people who work. It might have all cost us the life,” he says.

    Helmets, bibs, flashing, signaling, all safety measures were yet in place. “It was hard not to see the vehicle. It could have been avoided easily.”

    An invention

    Such an unfortunate event could have been avoided ?

    A business man of Windsor believes that this is possible, thanks to his invention, the lawn mower ByPass.

    “The unhappy event such as this there could perhaps be avoided, because the operator is in a tractor with mower on the side. Therefore, there is no person on the outside,” explains Dan Coutu, inventor of the lawnmower.