World athletics: Bolt finished 3rd in his last presence in the 100m

Sport 9 August, 2017

Photo: Jewel Samad Agence France-Presse
The sprinter Usain Bolt

Thunderclap over London : the superstar of sprint Usain Bolt has missed his farewell with the 100-m being deprived of a final world title by the bad, loved Justin Gatlin, income from a suspension of four years for doping and sacred under the jeers of the public.

The monument of the athletics, only 3rd behind Gatlin (9 seconds and 92 cents) and the American Christian Coleman (9 seconds and 94 hundredths of a second) in a time of 9 sec 95, has seen the great feast promised marred by a rider to the sulfurous past, which adds to her locker, a crime of lèse-majesté in the enclosure heated from the olympic Stadium.

The Jamaican 30-year-old (played by his reputation as an athlete out of the ordinary that have marked the history of his sport. He knew that a setback for his last appearance on the straight line would necessarily have made spot. The coup de grace happened through the fault of Gatlin, that person wanted to secretly see him back at the top.

“I stayed very focused, after all that I managed to win, it’s incredible, Usain has so much contributed to our sport, we are so inspired, and to be here at this point of my career is huge. Is it that I deserve these boos, it is not for me to say, ” let go of Gatlin.

The world of athletics would have wanted another passing of the baton at a time when its biggest star, the CV clean and without the slightest suspicion, has decided to hang up the spikes. The contrast was also striking between the walkabout that had the right Bolt, and the output almost on the sly and under the whistles of Gatlin, which has put an end to an unbeaten 9 years of Jamaican big competition.


A difficult start to catch up

Author of a starting poor, the eightfold olympic champion has never really mastered the race and his return was too late to prevent Gatlin of the carry bit.

The fastest man in the world (9 seconds and 58 hundredths of a second on 100 m, 19 seconds 19 hundredths of a second) feared for his put into action, after having pestered against starting blocks not firm enough to his liking, the sleep at the end of the series. He didn’t have to find excuses after this failure cruel, but ultimately logical in view of its shape.

The fears arose after the beginning of his season winded (three small trips only and a single pass under 10 seconds), more in the form of a farewell tour than a real preparation, and verified at the worst time.

The King is fallen, but this regicide did not alter the eternal smile of the one who will remain, what it is, the greatest sprinter of all time. Bolt is not the one that was crushing everything in its path with chronos from elsewhere, but this outcome was finally like a relief to an athlete who has dedicated his life to his sport from a very young age.

“I’m sorry for not being able to finish on a win, but I thank you for your support “, was launched to the crowd the one who has been the hero of the evening, even in defeat, and, good player, has been offered a brace of good, thanks to his executioner.

Even in the sadness, Bolt has made his show, taking égoportraits with the audience, draped in the jamaican flag, and running his famous gesture of the Flash to satiety, to the delight of the london audience. The legend of the sprint has released its lineup to commune one last time with the spectators.

Prior to retirement gold that awaits him, Bolt has scheduled a final recital on the 4x100m relay in which the final will take place on 12 August. There is no doubt that he will definitively leave the scene on a final rite. To remain faithful to its legend.