Would look like the Formula 1 circuit ideal!

Sport 5 November, 2016

While the suspense is intense about who to Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton coiffera the world crown this year, working behind the scenes to prepare for the next fiscal year. In late September, the World Council of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has approved the draft calendar of Formula 1 very similar to 2016, with a further 21 Grands Prix between March and November. More recently, new bucket could be formalized.

Instagram account F1 fan tried an experiment, one to set up the ideal circuit for the Formula One World Championship 1. It would include 39 turns for a total distance of 12.17 kilometers. Two passages are taken from the Spa-Francorchamps circuit: The sequence of the turn 11 and 12 (twice left) and 15 (the fifth corner of Eau Rouge).

Below is the tentative schedule for 2017 and the provisional starting grid for 2017 .