Xbox One: A Promising Future?

Techno 20 January, 2017

While the Xbox 360 had quietly ruled over the previous generation, the Xbox One quickly got ahead in the hearts of players by the PlayStation 4. Nevertheless excellent in many ways, the console of Microsoft could know in the months to come A true second wind, if one believes the signs of the market.

Between November 20 and December 31, 2016, Microsoft has sold 6.2 million Xbox One worldwide. This record number in the history of the machine is all the more impressive since it represents almost a quarter of the number of units sold since its launch. In mid-January 2017, analysts were actually handing over official figures hidden long ago by the American giant, attesting that the Xbox One had found 26 million buyers, against about 54 million on the side of the PlayStation 4. The chasm That separates Microsoft and Sony is therefore still imposing, but it could gradually reduce, for several reasons. Already, the PlayStation 4 Pro is not yet sufficiently followed by the developers, and the “optimizations” of the games already available leaves some gamers puzzled. Next, Microsoft is preparing in its corner the Xbox One Scorpio, boosted version of its console whose technical abilities are announced as twice superior to that of its rival. Planned for the end of 2017, Scorpio could attract many third-party publishers and promote the development of spectacular exclusives; A domain in which Microsoft is for the moment ahead of Sony.

As analysts analyze the fact that the press is squandering liters of ink about the Switch and PSVR (which is expected to have official sales figures, especially at the game level), Microsoft continues to refine its overall offering. In order to keep the Xbox and Windows 10 PCs closer together, the company is developing its “Play Anywhere” catalog in collaboration with third-party publishers. A new mode “game” should also appear on PC very soon, The next update should thus see arrive a menu fast access worthy of that of the PS4. The Xbox 360 backward compatibility also continues to progress: according to Phil Spencer, Xbox Xbox, 50% of the owners of One would regularly use this option to give a second life to their precious game library. Similarly, Xbox Live’s attendance is steadily increasing: in 2016, the service has seen a traffic increase of 23% compared to 2015. 2017 will therefore be a pivotal year for the Xbox One, and the main winners Of this consoles war should be the players themselves …