Xbox One: More Excluded in 2017, It’s Phil Spencer Who Says

Techno 7 February, 2017

More game coming from the studios owned by Microsoft for 2017? We wish it!
This is a new one takes with pleasure that we announced here Phil Spencer on this beautiful Tuesday. Indeed, we will remember a good year for owners of Xbox One especially with Forza Horizon 3 , exclusively on the console (well, it came out on PC too, which is part of the strategy of the manufacturer). Although some titles have been very good, Microsoft studios have not been as productive as some players were hoping for. Well friends do not despair, our famous Phil, responsible for the Xbox branch of MS has just made a nice statement on Twitter.
As you can see, the Philou is rather confident for the year 2017: “I feel it’s going to be a very good year. It should have more games 1st party (games developed by Microsoft Studios NDLR) than last year, diversity as well as the launch of a new license. Good year. ” With the return next Halo Wars 2 and the arrival of Sea of Thieves who is this new license, it is hoped that the studios owned by Microsoft are working extra hard to give us a maximum of good games this year! What exclusions do you expect on Xbox One?