Xiaomi Mi 6: A design almost totally waterproof

Techno 30 May, 2017

Officially, Xiaomi Mi 6 and water do not mix. The design of the device was however thought to make the smartphone almost waterproof.
The Xiaomi Mi 6 is one of the few high-end smartphones not to resist water. Its manufacturer explained last year that waterproof smartphones required higher manufacturing costs. The Chinese brand does not therefore expect to have its IP67 or IP68 mobile phones certified, such as the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S8. Do not try to swim your Xiaomi Mi 6, already out of stock , it might not recover. However, it can survive a few splashes. And for good reason, even if it is not officially waterproof, the design of the smartphone has been thought to resist water. This is in any case what JerryRigEverything shows .
There is almost no hole in the design of the Xiaomi Mi 6, one of its three flaws . The manufacturer has, for example, made a cross on the jack. It also equipped the smartphone speakers and the loudspeaker with a water resistant grid. The SIM card slot is also totally immune. So Xiaomi has well thought the design of his Mi 6 so that he does not drink the cup too fast. There is nevertheless a hole, which prevents the phone from obtaining waterproof certification. This weakness is at the USB-C port. No protection is provided, but maybe the brand will make efforts with the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus? Is IP67 / 68 certification important to you?