Xiaomi Mi 6: The manufacturer explains on the absence of jack

Techno 25 April, 2017

The Xiaomi Mi 6 does not have a jack. The manufacturer concerned gave a rather hazardous explanation to justify it.
A little less than a week ago, Xiaomi formalized the Mi 6 at a press conference in Beijing. We discovered a flagship with impressive features, with photo quality and a promising power to shake its biggest competitors in the market . But despite its many qualities, the Xiaomi Mi 6 disappointed the fans of the brand on a particular point … that of the jack, which it is unfortunately not endowed. Faced with the many complaints that this absence has been the subject, the manufacturer has decided to express himself on this subject. But his answer did not really convince the main stakeholders, far from it.
Xiaomi has justified the absence of jack Mi 6 by the constraints of the new components which it is equipped, before defending highlighting the usefulness of the USB Type C . An argument not really convincing, since the components of the flagship in no way justify the sacrifice of the iconic port 3.5mm. The Mi 6 does not even have the IP67 / 68 certification, as Phonandroid rightly points out . This decision would result from a desire to follow the trend instilled by Apple, HTC & Co. rather than a technical constraint. If you do not get the Xiaomi Mi 6, you can always test your knowledge about it . And you, what do you think of Xiaomi’s explanation?