Xiaomi Mi 6 vs iPhone 7 Plus: We compared the photo quality of the two smartphones!

Techno 4 July, 2017

We compared the photo quality of the Xiaomi Mi 6 with that of the iPhone 7 Plus. Although half the price, the Chinese flagship has nothing to envy its American rival.

A few days ago, meltyStyle made you share your impressions after taking over the Xiaomi Mi 6. We emphasized its elegance and sobriety, due in particular to its glass back and its curved edges on all 4 sides. But at the beginning of the week, we wanted to go a little further … How? By comparing its photo quality to that of the iPhone 7 Plus, which is also equipped with a dual back sensor. We then strafed the editorial office and its surroundings with the two smartphones, and put the captured snapshots in order to better analyze them. Before you say more, we let you take a look at the clichés in question … There are some differences, but they are far from being obvious.

Launched last April, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is a cheap flagship. But its photo quality has nothing to envy to that of the iPhone 7 Plus, yet marketed at a price twice as high. As you can see from the montages above, there are no major differences between the photos taken by the Chinese smartphone, and those taken by his American rival. On some points, the Xiaomi Mi 6 that the PhoneDroid store lent us even manage to stand out … It transcribes the colors with more vivacity, and better captures the light to preserve the details. Now, we can not wait to compare it to the Honor 9. Meanwhile, (re) discovers our comparison of the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 Plus at Parc Montsouris.