Xiaomi: The departure of Hugo Barra is a blow

Techno 30 January, 2017

His name may not tell you anything, but Hugo Barra was a heavyweight Xiaomi. His departure is a blow to the company, according to the geek chronicle.
From small start-up to giant smartphones in less than five years, Xiaomi’s success is exemplary. The company, which markets phones, connected objects and drones, has grown exponentially in recent years. A model to follow. And even if Xiaomi will surely wait before launching in France , the company is doing very well. She owes much to Hugo Barra, her vice-president. The latter announced this week, to the general surprise, his departure from the group. Emblematic figure of the mark, it is a blow for Xiaomi. The geek chronicle deciphers the “Barra phenomenon”.
Hugo Barra is a Brazilian expatriate in the Middle Kingdom. The one who made his classes at Google had created surprise by announcing to join Xiaomi in 2013. Occupying the position of vice president, the man had one objective: to develop the brand internationally. The bet seems successful. If the company is rather discreet in the West, it is in emerging markets, such as India or Brazil. The launch last year of the Mi Box in the US was also a testament to Xiaomi’s ambitions for years to come. He was also the face of the group, often present in conferences or with journalists. With this departure – due officially to health concerns – Hugo Barra is going to be an undeniable lack for the growing company. Zuckberg announced that it will be responsible for the VR in Facebook, which is testing an “anti-fake news” tool .
How Xiaomi, which prepares its Mi 6 , will be able to cope without Hugo Barra? This is the question that burns many lips. The man was one of the main actors of the success of the company. The brand, which recently announced to slow its international expansion, will have to replace it. She will have to find a spokesperson, a personality who embodies her. For Xiaomi has no ambition. The firm has not been idle in recent months by occupying an impressive number of markets. Drones, VR, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, connected devices, or smartphones, Xiaomi wants to go far. Will it be able to cross the post-Barra period? Response by the end of the year. What do you think of his departure?