Xiaomi: This concept of Xiaomi Mi 7 has everything from an iPhone killer (video)

Techno 18 July, 2017

The Mi 7 of the Chinese firm Xiaomi is the object of a concept realized by the designers of Techconfiguration and this one resembles a smartphone able to compete the iPhone.

With the OnePlus brand, Xiaomi is one of the Chinese manufacturers that have the wind in their sails at the moment. If OnePlus has its OnePlus 5 which is considered one of the best smartphones of the month of June, Xiaomi is not outdone. Indeed, we hear that Xiaomi is preparing the Mi 6 Plus, an ultra powerful smartphone. But in the meantime, some designers see in the future and present the Xiaomi Mi 7. It is the creatives of the Techconfiguration group who bring us this concept today in video, and it must be said that it is more than alchechant. You can watch the concept video just below it.

For this concept, the team Techconfiguration did not do things by half. The Quad HD Amoled screen is 5.7 inches and is in 18: 9 format with a 97% ratio between the screen and the body of the smartphone, which means it’s a virtually borderless screen. The Mi MIX had the record for ration, but today it is behind this concept. Then the rear part is covered with a plastic shell where you can find a dual photo optics. The fingerprint scanner is integrated on the screen and this smartphone has 8GB of RAM, which is more than the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and its 6GB of RAM. We are looking forward to the Mi 7!