Yemeni rebels said about the missile strike on a nuclear reactor in UAE

News 6 December, 2017

Yemeni rebels said about the missile strike on the nuclear power plant under construction Baraka near Abu Dhabi (UAE). Information about this is spreading the news Agency Reuters. While the rebels from Yemen do not provide proof of his words.


Official UAE government denies this information. According to the management of Arab Emirates, information about the missile launch in the direction of the nuclear plant are false. Yemeni rebels say they carried out the attack can be considered a warning. In 2018 it should launch the UAE’s first nuclear power plant “barracks”. It is located 250 kilometres from Abu Dhabi.

Yemeni rebels complain, as Arab countries pursue policies which are dangerous to Sana’a. States in the region stopped the economic cooperation with Yemen, as called the power in this power, an ally of terrorism. The situation worsened in November when the rebels launched missiles toward Saudi Arabia.