You also have the impression that these players will never hang the crampons?

Sport 27 January, 2017

We are not going to lie, we watch the Ligue 1 every weekend hoping that this time, we will vibrate for real. And there are some players who are still there …
Ah the Ligue 1 ! This championship we love to hate but that we watch every weekend. As if we could not do without these sometimes soporific matches. Because we are not footix, we will never let go of our club. Even at the gates of Ligue 2 (or even the National), we will always be there to push behind our team. We are not talking to those who make us believe that he has supported Barça since their childhood without knowing Philippe Christanval, or those for whom the First Division and the National Football League (NLF) say nothing. For all the others, you bet you grew up with the players that follow. Besides, you are wondering how they can still be tenured in a team since they were already there when you discovered the Panini cards … See also: Horror, these injuries are guaranteed without cheating (VIDEO) .