Young anesthesiologists in the region: a “suicide professional”

News 10 July, 2017
  • Olivier Roy-Martin

    Monday, 10 July 2017 18:39

    Monday, 10 July 2017 18:40

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    The lack of cases, the distance of the centres of research and the isolation; this is why the president of the Association of anesthesiologists of Quebec (NAQ) believes that succession risk suicide professional in the region.

    “What they fear is that in going to work in the region, they will have little exposure, few cases”, explained Jean-François Courval, president of the NAQ.

    In Matane as to The Goal, we are looking for anaesthetists. It is missing 25 in Quebec.

    For these specialists, the less there is of cases and operations, the greater the pay check decreases.

    The assertion of Mr. Courval shakes the prefect of the MRC de la Matanie, André Morin, who is an activist in the Committee of vigilance Health Matanie for more services.

    “We request the government to allocate it to not be a collective suicide for these professionals. Otherwise, there will be just a place for transactions and it’s going to be in Montreal,” said André Morin.

    For the past three years, 14 graduates in anaesthesia have left the province for better working conditions. The government has made to recruit specialists in French, even though France itself of anaesthetists, according to the association.

    “When we form doctors, we should require a return. In the performance, it takes a coverage of all regions of Québec,” said the member of parliament for Rimouski, Harold Lebel.

    The president of the NAQ believes that he should rather send anesthesiologists with experience in the region because “if there is a little less of the cases, it does not bother them”.

    Even if the government has introduced an increase in compensation, bonuses deportation and a program of support to the regions to recruit specialists, hospitals like the one in Matane are still struggling to recruit anesthesiologists.