Young schoolgirl offered to touch their Breasts in Japan : In the World : Vladim

News 14 March, 2018

In Japan underage Schoolgirls offered his friends to touch her Boobs. They sought to capitalize on this money.


The incident occurred on January 20 near the train station of Shibuya in Tokyo. Three 16-year-old schoolgirl stood with signs, where it was stated: “Free Boobs” and invited people to touch them. Familiar guys took pictures and filmed a flash mob on camera.

After a while the campaign saw the police. By the time for Breasts Schoolgirls touched 20 people and the investigation ended in March. They are accused of violating public order.

Girls say they wanted to publish the footage online and make money on advertising. Such an act students inspired blogger Pepsi Lu, who shot the same video in the past year.