YouTube launches its application dedicated to video games

Techno 1 December, 2016

youtube-lance-application-consacree-jeux-videosYouTube launched today in France by its application dedicated to video games, “Gaming”, to position itself in the growing market of videos devoted to games.
The application, available on iOS and Android, highlights videos devoted to video games.

Highlight the mobile games

Launched in the US in June 2015, then in Germany and Spain, the application includes the objective to highlight the mobile games, such as the popular “Royal Clash”, allowing players to shoot with their mobile camera or tablet while they play.
More than half views on YouTube Gaming , which cover 25,000 ad games are already made from a mobile, depending on the platform of the giant Google .
“We want to build a community that already, expand the capabilities of the platform,” said AFP Victor Potrel responsible “gaming” for France, saying that YouTube users watch more on average Gaming content than the classic YouTube.

Youtubeurs support through donations
Watching someone play a video game has become a widespread habit on YouTube: about 85 French channels of the platform, which over a million subscribers, twenty are devoted to games. And French youtubeur sees the greatest views, Squeezie, came to prominence with his videos where he is testing games, as the only youtubeur world approaching 50 million subscribers, Pewdiepie.
Just like his Twitch competitor Gaming Youtube app also offers a new possibility for users to support their favorite by donations youtubeurs.