Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links: How to unlock all characters?

Techno 3 February, 2017

How to unlock the 12 characters currently available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links?
It’s been a few days since Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is wreaking havoc on Smartphone, it is the most downloaded application on Android currently. For the occasion, we have already been able to unveil various tricks to the game: well, what are the best maps beginner Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links? We were also able to unveil two decks particularly simple shape for beginners . Let’s now turn to one of the many quests to perform in the game: getting all the playable characters from the game! For now, there are 12 of them, but new characters will be added to the game over the weeks. Let’s start with Yami Yugi and Kaiba Seto : you can get one of the two early in the game, the basic character that you play. However, when you choose one, you can get the other at the Phase 15 game. Wheeler Joey is meanwhile available from Phase 3, and will be quite simple to have.
Ditto for Tea Gardner , unlockable in Phase 5. From Phase 10, you have to make a little more complicated tasks for the characters. Take for example May Valentine . To get it, you must reach Phase 10, but also win 3 consecutive duels, beat Mai with Joey, and beat Joey. It will not be very complicated, but everything becomes harder and harder afterwards. For example, to get Rex Raptor to Phase 20, you will inflict 2000 points of damage and effect successful invocations 3 per sacrifice for a single duel, in addition to beating Rex Raptor. For the other characters, it will not be necessary to reach a certain phase, but to unblock an event.
For example, to unlock the event Insector Haga, you will have to beat 100 standard duelists, and this will unlock the event. Then, reclaim 1000 life during a duel, use 30 magic cards and defeat Insector Haga to win. To Mako Tsunami , you must perform 150 invocations by sacrifice to unlock the event. Then use skills 20 times in online duels, pass 6 normal invocations during a duel and defeat Mako Tsunami to win. To unlock the event Bandit Kaine , beat 50 times legendary duelists. Then you’ll have to collect 2 Machine monsters, and defeat Bandit Kaine. In the event of Odion , you have to use 300 traps cards. You will then use a trap card 10 times during a duel, then beat Odion. Finally, Ishizu Ishtar , it will invoke 200 Light type monsters to appear and then it will take the fight to ending the fight with at least 6,000 points of life! The last character we can have now is Pegasus , you can get through the Toon event that takes place prior to February 8, unless an impromptu change from Konami . Did you get all the characters?