Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links: What are the best cards to get at the card changer?

Techno 8 February, 2017

How to maximize its gold with the changers in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links? Trying to get the best cards!
If Pokemon Go adopts today a new event for Valentine’s Day , that of Yu-Gi-Oh! Links Duel, Pegasus, has just ended ! While waiting for new things (you can already try to fill the new set of cards, Flame of the Tyrant), here we will unveil cards that are worth the most when you visit the Card Changer. Remember, you should use tokens related to the category of card you want crafter, but also gold, you win pretty regularly in the game Let’s start with. A very powerful magic card, Riryoku : it s’ Is an ultra-rare that will allow you to split the attack of a face-up monster in half, and add that half to another monster. In short, a simple way to destroy an overly powerful creature. Bazoo the Soul Eater is another very strong cards to get through the cards changer : an attack of 1600, you have the ability to ban 3 monsters in your graveyard by turn, and get 300 attack For each of the monsters banished by this effect.
The Summoner Dragon will be an excellent addition to your collection also, since in addition to its correct statistics (1500 attack), it has a very powerful effect: when the card is sent to the Graveyard, you can add a Dragon, Magician or Warrior from your Deck to your hand! The Lightning Striker is very powerful too : with 2000 attack and 2000 defense, he loses 400 statistics for each of the cards you have in your hand. In short, a very good late game card, in top deck phase. The Thunder Dragon , if you have three, will have a very powerful effect: when you invoke, you can discard the other two to add your Deck Thunder Dragons to your hand, then invoke … the Dragon Two-Headed thunder , monster fusion of an attack of 2800 and defense of 2100. What are the best data cards by the card changer for you?