Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links: Which decks to start well?

Techno 30 January, 2017

How to start well in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links? Two decks in particular allow to start the game experience well by not being picked up in PvP!
If the various licenses related to Nintendo are currently the rage on smartphones, note particularly successful Pokemon GB (including an update was deployed yesterday Niantic) or Super Mario Run, other licenses have recently been able to do on arrival Android and iOS devices, like Star Wars Force Arena or Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Both games were able to meet their audience right out, and have already a large community . We could reveal here how good start in Star Wars Force Arena here , and we can advise you here 2 decks not too expensive and not difficult to create to start in Yu-Gi-Oh! Links duel, the latest game from Konami ! Note in particular that the rules on Duel Links are somewhat different than in conventional rules: there are only three places to lay its cards monsters unlike normally 5, the decks are smaller and Main Phase 2 has disappeared . So what decks create to start well?
The first deck, primarily focused on the Dark cards , consists of the following cards: take 3 elementary Demons 3 elementary Soldiers, Dragon Zombie 3, 2 elementary Magicians, 2 Ghouls Shadow. So much for the monsters you have to possess for this deck. Concerning the magic, only one magic of equipment: 3 copies of the Sword of the Black Destruction. A banner of courage for infinite magic. And finally, in trap, 3 copies of the Curse of Aging! That’s the deck based on the darkness, you should use with Yugi and his power of darkness, which adds the magic of Land Yami from the beginning of the game.
The second deck affordable for beginners will be mainly focused on the ritual invocations . Take 3 Whales Fortress, 3 Guardians of the Skulls, these will be your ritual invocations. Take also 3 Arsenal Summoners, 2 Skelengel, 1 Dark Magician, a Dragon Black Dragon, a White Dragon with Blue Eyes. So much for the monsters. Then take two different types of magic, 3 copies of the Oath of the Whale Fortress, and 3 other copies of the Prayer of Novox, which will allow you to invoke your ritual monsters! Know that if this second deck is more powerful than the first we think it will be a bit more complicated to handle for newcomers compared to the first deck covered here! What do you think of these two decks?