Yves Francœur has met with police officers about his allegations

News 8 December, 2017
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    Yves Francœur, President, Fraternité des policiers de Montréal

    Hugo Joncas

    Friday, December 8, 2017 00:01

    Friday, December 8, 2017 00:01

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    The president of the Fraternité des policiers from Montreal said that he has met with investigators recently about possible obstructions to political investigations of elected liberals.

    “I met with investigators several times, including yesterday (Wednesday) morning, for the third time,” said Yves Francœur to Paul Arcand yesterday, on the airwaves on 98.5. In a written statement to the Sûreté du Québec and has obtained our Bureau of investigation in September, Mr. Francœur says that the provincial police has cancelled the investigation because she was the parliamentary leader of the government, Jean-Marc Fournier, the ex-minister of Finance, Raymond Bachand.

    Inquiry reactivated

    Last spring, the union leader had said that an investigation had been interrupted in order not to harm the elect liberals, without saying what the politicians were referred to.

    When our Bureau of investigation has obtained his handwritten statement to the SQ in September, the provincial police announced that it activated the folder.

    A captain of the police of Longueuil, and an inspector-chief of police of Laval leading the investigation, re-enabled after the publication of parts of his statement in The Newspaper and VAT. The Office of the independent surveys also puts the shoulder to the wheel, as the royal Canadian mounted police, ” with a view to maintaining the confidence of the population “.

    According to his statement to the SQ, sources of Yves Francœur say that Fournier and Bachand met with an influential real estate developer in 1000, rue de la Commune Is. Discussions have taken place concerning a possible region free of land or of a building permit, in exchange for political contributions. As Jean-Marc Fournier, Raymond Bachand deny these allegations.

    -With Jean-Louis Fortin