Zeman almost won the election for President of the Czech Republic : In the World : Vladim

News 27 January, 2018

The current head of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman almost re-elected for a new term. The Commission has processed more than 95% of the ballots. Second round leader Milos Zeman, he scored 52% of the vote. Information about it spread by Czech media.


According to preliminary results of the elections, Zeman remains on a post of the head of state for another term. In the second round of policy was opposed by the former head of the Academy of Sciences jiří Dragos, who almost 48% of the vote. The loser congratulated the winner on success and wished him a successful tenure in office, as well as good health. Official election results will be reported later. Zeman is famous for the fact that he has supported Russia and encouraged the European Union to reconsider its attitude to Moscow.

Zeman called the joining of Crimea to Russia a fait accompli, and advised Ukraine to accept the new status quo, since the state could confront a stronger power. The head of the Czech Republic urged Kiev to agree on the cost of transition of the Peninsula to Russia. According to Zeman, Ukraine can receive from the Moscow gas or other raw materials instead of the Crimea, if you start a dialogue with Russia.