Zungle Panther: These connected sunglasses will replace your helmet and your AirPods!

Techno 7 July, 2017

OMG, Zungle wants to replace your pair of headphones … with a pair of sunglasses that produces sound by vibrating your skull! The great class, huh?

The Zungle Panther is much more than just sunglasses! And they definitely have nothing to envy Snapchat Spectacles. Designed by a Japanese start-up as genuine speakers at your fingertips, they will allow you to listen to any sound, just by connecting them in bluetooth to your smartphone … It’s not science fiction, It is real and this project took a year to set up! The Zungle Panther will leave your ears in the open air and diffuse sounds by simply vibrating … the bones of your skull. Eh yes ! With this pair of solar, you will definitely zap your helmet, your AirPods or your headphones. Discretion, lightness, freed ears, sounds inaudible by the people around you … These glasses are downright hilarious! One only has to see the reaction of the passers-by who tested these glasses in the video of presentation to understand the enthusiasm that they arouse!

By launching its fundraising campaign on KickStarter, just like Jelly, the world’s smallest smartphone, Zungle Panther blatantly exploded its target set at $ 50,000. High-tech and futuristic, this pair is no less aesthetic! It comes in several colors, comes with a USB charger and has 4 hours of autonomy. But the most skeptical, like the youtube player, The Upper Left USA, will say that its touch pad located on its branches is too sensitive to the point that it would trigger accidentally, that the vibrations are unpleasant, that the sound is not Of super quality and that of course … its price is excessive. Nor are we aware of the side effects of these vibrations on our skull in the long term. If they tempt you anyway, you will have to put the price: $ 150. But with the sales, they are the object of a discount to $ 119, so do not hesitate for a second! Tempted by this pair?