Timeless: The 3 favorite theories of fans of the series!

Cinema 11 November, 2016

Timeless returns Monday night with his episode 6 after a break and it is time to take stock of the 3 favorite fan theories before finally revelations.
Who is the father of Lucy? That’s one of the big issues that interest the series since its launch in October. The time series NBC has focused on family secrets and mainly on the identity of the father of the heroine played by Abigail Spencer. Who is he? Waiting for answers on Rittenhouse Erik Kripke promised in the next episode of Timeless , fans give free rein to their imagination. There are two prevailing theories about the name of the father of the young historian . Analyze them, to see if they can hold the road. And if the progenitor of Lucy, which we know today is a former politician professor, was part of Rittenhouse? The obscure group runs through Mason, time travel trio of Lucy Wyatt and Rufus to thwart Flynn. Moreover, Rufus, the only one able to control the machine, must spy on his colleagues for their account. Why? Does the father of Lucy or would be part Rittenhouse? Many followers of Timeless think. One of their main arguments is the choice of Lucy for the historical deposit of time travel. Why the historian and not another? For fans, the fact that his father is a member of Rittenhouse would be a significant argument for the choice of the teacher.
Another theory is that Lucy’s father is none other than Garcia Flynn . Less obvious to understand, it is however not completely far-fetched. The shadows around the character, played by Goran Visnjic , could let us believe in a certain validity of this assumption. This would also explain why the space-time terrorist also refuse to remove Lucy during their numerous meetings at different times. Why would kill his daughter? Especially that it tends to date to help him and to tell him to beware of Rittenhouse. Unfortunately, there’s something stuck. This seems pretty obvious and easy. At the editorial ‘of melty, we tend not to validate the contrary . This does not mean that Flynn and Lucy did not kinship.
This is the time when the theories of Lucy’s father’s identity are superseded by a bigger thing . Lucy would be the mother of Garcia Flynn. There are better. Flynn would be the child of Lucy and Wyatt! This is why it would have the journal of the historian and that he would use. That would explain why he has not cleared (meaning killed) them. This is also the time when you raise an eyebrow. We know from the beginning that Flynn was born in 1972 in Croatia and that it would come to the United States later. This would imply that Lucy and Wyatt, if you think he is the father, would hide their children away from them in the past. Why? How? What purpose ? It is not yet known but in any case, the brains of turbine fans at full speed . Timeless, who just had an extra episode order , has not finished giving us a headache with all these trips time. And you, the meltynautes, what is your favorite theory?