The 75th Cannes Film Festival opened in France

Cinema 17 May, 2022

One of the main film events of the year has started in France – the 75th Cannes Film Festival has opened. Vincent Lyndon promised to become a child again, which indicates the fascination of the planned program. The poster of the film festival, pasted all over the city and even in front of sex shops, also confirms this fact.

The opening script is borrowed from Peter Weir’s Truman show, Jim Carrey climbs the steps to paradise. The ones in the Palace of Festivals have just been painted red. RAI reporter rehearsing, yawning into the microphone. Thierry Godard is waiting on the terrace of the cafe. An ordinary hat seller on the Croisette is waiting for the first sunstroke (24 degrees).

Clothing stores are checking their stocks of bow ties (Hugo Boss sold them last year). A brawl begins on the beach between teenagers in adidas and even babies, one trying to hit the other with a bottle of whiskey. Welcome to the 75th Cannes Film Festival!

A delegation of dancers to the sounds of djembe moves in front of the palace. These ladies live in this neighborhood. «We are responsible for the demonstration of African cinema», – one of them smiles under an umbrella before joining the African pavilion of the International Village with the troupe.

This year, only one competitive film «Boy from Heaven» by Egyptian director Tariq Saleh will represent the continent. But from Africa – this is the plot from the first and symbolic show of the festival: «For the sake of peace». A documentary created by philanthropist Forest Whitaker, which is to receive the Palme d’or of this 75th season.

It is also expected that 35,000 journalists and moviegoers will attend a cinematic program dedicated to a poignant documentary about South Sudan and the latest comedy by Michel Hazanavicius.