Dive Into Netflix’s The Queens Gambit Interior Design & Looks

Cinema 11 February, 2022

Many people turned to binge-watching TV during COVID-19 in 20202, which is understandable with the restrictions that were in place. Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ amongst a few others gave people a huge amount of entertainment in difficult times with shows like Greys Anatomy, Schitt’s Creek and Tiger King. One show that took the world by storm was Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit and not just because of its gripping storyline.

A Must For Chess Players

The Queen’s Gambit stars Anya Taylor-Joy as a young orphan girl, Beth, that learns to play chess with the orphanage’s janitor and quickly becomes a prodigy. She then enters tournaments where she is consistently misjudged by her competitors because of her gender. The series is set in America during the Cold War era and was lauded for its production (amongst many other things).


Few shows in recent times have inspired people as much as The Queen’s Gambit. Beth’s outfits and fashion evolution was striking as she started to gain independence for the first time in her life as she starts to win tournaments and earn money. There are many subtle touches throughout the series and this is what made it so special.

In addition to the fashion, the interior design used in Beth’s many accommodations over the course of the show also reflect the different stages in her life. The interior design captured the style of the time with bold primary colours, floral prints, pop art and velvet furnishings.

Get the Retro Look

One of the most notable interior designs was the foster home that she stayed in – the Wheatley’s. This was in the mid-century retro look with a bold colour pallet, including pinks, mint, teal, pastel yellow and blue. This was a time for bold combinations and patterns that clash, which is key for the retro feel. In terms of furnishings, free-standing furnishings that match the colour pallet like single wingback cushioned chairs will work well. The Wheatley’s living room features a fitted storage cabinet where you could alternatively replace this with a wooden wardrobe that fills the space. You can also use rugs and mats in a retro design with places like Etsy being a good place to shop.

There are then a number of accessories that you could opt for as finishing touches. This will include things like a dial-up telephone, free-standing large lamps, fancy glassware and gold accents for a chic look.

The Queen’s Gambit had everyone talking in 2020 and this was partly due to the incredible and thoughtful fashion and interior design choices that gave the show a unique aesthetic style. This was a big reason why it became such a success and is still a show that is inspiring people with their interior design choices today.