10 models that we will not see again in 2018

Avto 22 December, 2017
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    Frédéric Mercier

    Friday, 22 December 2017 12:24

    Friday, 22 December 2017 12:24

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    The year 2017 is coming to its end, and in leaving, she will take with her some of the automotive models that will not be back in 2018.

    Some we will miss, and others a little less…

    Mitsubishi Lancer


    This is the end for the Lancer, and Mitsubishi seems to have no intention of replacing it. The japanese manufacturer says it wants to focus on its range of SUVS with the new Eclipse Cross 2018, in addition to the RVR and the Outlander.

    Lexus CT200h


    The small Lexus hybrid has quietly made its last lap around the track in 2017 and will not be back for 2018. With only 546 units sold in Canada in 2016, let’s say that his departure will surprise no one.

    Infiniti QX70


    At Infiniti, the QX70 is coming to an end. The offer of the manufacturer of luxury remains strong in the niche market of the SUV with the QX30, QX50, the QX60, and the QX80.

    Volkswagen Touareg


    The arrival of the new Volkswagen Atlas sign the death warrant of the Tuareg in North America. To compensate for its loss, Volks has endimanché the new generation of its Tiguan and would think to market another SUV smaller size in North America. To follow…

    Ford C-Max Energi


    The production of the variant rechargeable for the Ford C-Max, called Energi, has already expired and will not be marketed as a model year 2018. For the C-Max hybrid, the latter copies will leave the factory in the course of the summer to come.

    Honda Accord Coupe


    The new generation of the Honda Accord has a lot of qualities, but also a big flaw: it offers no alternative to the two doors. The Accord Coupe takes, and sadly his retirement.

    Kia Forte Koup


    Decidedly, times are tough for cars with two doors. At Kia, it is the variant Koup of the Strong scoop. The sedan and hatchback, the Forte, however, remain in position.

    Jeep Patriot


    After you have stretched the sauce a little too long, the Jeep then said goodbye to the Patriot. The Compass of the new generation will replace this SUV’s reputation for reliability rather poor.

    Nissan Juke


    The Nissan Juke has finally been a victim of its design is a little strange. Instead of renewing it, Nissan has taken the decision to replace it with the Kicks, a small vehicle similar format that will be proposed with a gear two-wheel-drive.

    Dodge Viper


    25 years after its debut, the Viper draws finally to a close. Dodge has built a few special editions to celebrate the retirement of this car, which has been the standard-bearer of the manufacturer for long years.