10 vehicles unchanged for too long

Avto 20 March, 2018
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    Monday, 19 march 2018, 18:15

    Monday, 19 march 2018, 18:15

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    In the age of consumption and over-consumption, manufacturers are renewing their vehicles approximately every six years. Generally, in the middle of the generation, a light refreshment is provided in order to keep the model updated. But this is not the case for all. Here are ten vehicles that have not been renewed for far too long.

    Nissan Frontier


    While Chevrolet and GMC have recently arrived with their Colorado and Canyon, Toyota has just renewed its Tacoma and Ford will land shortly with his Ranger, Nissan continues to offer his eternal Frontier since 2005. Displaying a base price of 23 998, the Frontier does not represent a bargain. In fact, the Chevrolet Colorado costs only 757$ more than its japanese rivals.

    Mitsubishi RVR


    With the Outlander freshly renewed and the Eclipse Cross which arrives this year, the RVR takes, all of a sudden old. The one who has been one of the pioneers in the segment of sport utility vehicles sub-compact is now surpassed by the Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Qashqai.

    Ford Flex


    Marketed since 2009, the Ford Flex continues to stand out by its silhouette can no longer be square. In terms of sales, this crossover is not in free-fall despite its age and it is probably for this reason that Ford retains it within its catalogue.

    Lincoln MKT


    Cousin upscale of the Ford Flex, the Lincoln MKT is just as old. Fortunately for Lincoln, that the fleets of limousines appreciate that, without which, it would have already disappeared. While he sells a few thousand annually in the United States, Lincoln penalty to liquidate a few hundred in Canada.

    Dodge Journey


    Sport utility vehicles and compact that offer three rows of seats are rare. We account for the new Volkswagen Tiguan, Mitsubishi Outlander and the Dodge Journey. With a starting price of just over 22 000$, we can understand that some consumers will be attracted by this vehicle, which is substantially the same since 2009.

    Toyota Sequoia


    In 2018, the Toyota Sequoia is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Ten years without change, this is sadly long in the automotive industry. While the Canadians are only a few hundred to buy the past few years, it has sold a little over 12,000 units annually in the United States since 2010.

    Dodge Grand Caravan


    FCA introduced the Chrysler Pacifica with the aim of facilitating the transition of the Dodge Grand Caravan to the retreat. The problem is that the Grand Caravan continues to be very popular in Canada despite the fact that the current generation has reached the age of ten years. On the american side, however, it has lost a good number of followers over time. For many buyers, its good price makes it much more attractive than its rival japanese (Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna) and Korean (Kia Sedona).

    Fiat 500L


    The Fiat 500L has existed since 2013 and it didn’t arrive in North America until the following year. It is not so long ago. However, it is still too long. The sales statistics speak for themselves. It is sold in 42 countries last year. Although it was not so many years behind the grille, it would be imperative to fully review the model.

    Ford Taurus


    If it had not been adopted by a majority of police services in North America, the Ford Crown Victoria would not have been unchanged between 1997 and 2011. Since the Taurus has replaced, it looks like Ford is afraid to recast. Note that it has not changed since 2010.

    Nissan 370Z


    Produced since 2009, the Nissan 370Z starts definitely to be old. Despite his advanced age, its dynamic capabilities remain. In order to boost the sales of the model, Nissan had announced that in 2015 it will reduce to$ 10,000 to the base price of its cut.

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