12 concepts that would have really had to see the light of day

Avto 19 July, 2017
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 14:14

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 14:14

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    The history of the automotive industry is filled with concepts absolutely stunning, which never reached the stage of production vehicles.

    Story of turn the iron in the wound, here are 12 concepts that we have been salivating at their unveiling, but that have been abandoned too quickly.

    Cadillac Cien


    Unveiled in 2002 at the auto Show in Detroit, the Cien, the government announced a wind of change at Cadillac. The prestige brand of General Motors then tried to rejuvenate its image, and a concept like the Cien has certainly helped. Even if the Cien never really seen the light of day, one can find a few elements of its design on the Cadillac XLR, an adaptation of the Corvette released between 2003 and 2009.

    Dodge Razor


    In 2002, when Cadillac began to introduce the Cien, Dodge was not in rest with a sports concept-look to hell: the Razor. Animated by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the Razor stood out with its design which is simply spectacular. It was a partnership between Dodge and the manufacturer of scooters Razor.

    Dodge Tomahawk


    At Dodge, it was obviously not daring in the early 2000s. In 2003, only a year after the unveiling of the Razor, the american manufacturer took the world by surprise by presenting this motorcycle is equipped with a V10 engine borrowed from the Viper. Imagine, a V10 of 500 horsepower with a top speed potential of more than 400 km/h. It, we understand a little why it has remained a concept!

    Pontiac Rageous


    Presented by the now-defunct brand Pontiac in 1997, the concept Rageous was enough to make heads turn. With its futuristic look, its v-8 engine 315 horsepower and its manual six-speed transmission, it would most certainly have been happy if it had reached the stage of production.

    Ford Bronco


    Rumors surrounding the return of the Ford Bronco does not date from yesterday! In 2004, eight years after the abandonment of its production, Ford has been salivating over many of the truck lovers with this concept of Bronco rather futuristic. It has never seen the light of day, but Ford has recently confirmed that the Bronco will definitely return… in 2020.

    Chevrolet Bel Air


    During the wave of nostalgia that has taken hold of the automotive industry in the early 2000s, Chevrolet has captivated the young with a concept modernized the iconic Bel Air. This one was inspired heavily from the Bel Air marketed from 1955 to 1957.

    Volkswagen Bulli


    Many people dream of a return of the Volkswagen Bus and its famous version Westfalia. Volkswagen is well aware, and she is not shy to play on the nostalgia with concepts strongly inspired by the past. The Bulli, presented in 2011, is definitely our favourite of the lot. It still awaits its arrival at dealerships…

    Lamborghini Miura


    Lamborghini has also tried to seduce the nostalgic in 2006 with a modernized version of its famous Miura, released between 1966 and 1973. This concept marked the 40th anniversary of the debut of the Miura’s original. Lamborghini has never really had the intention of turning it into a production vehicle.

    BMW M1


    The BMW M1, built between 1978 and 1981, is one of the most beautiful models created by the bavarian manufacturer, all eras combined. In 2008, BMW has marked the 30th anniversary of this beautiful model with this concept presented in the Competition of elegance of Villa d’este, in Italy.

    BMW Z18


    “That is what it would be if it was a roadster and an SUV?” It is probably this that are requested of the designers of BMW before embarking on the development of the Z18.

    Saab PhoeniX


    The brand Saab has left us much too quickly. Especially that its latest models had absolutely everything to succeed. The concept of PhoeniX, presented in 2011, gave a foretaste of the coming models of the brand. Absolutely sublime!

    Buick Avista


    This, it is very recent. In January 2016, Buick presented the Avista, a car with biturbo V6 engine of 400 horsepower built from the Chevrolet Camaro. Then, we quickly confirmed that the model was never going to reach the dealers. What a pity…