3 hulls and covers to have a Huawei P10 even more class!

Techno 21 April, 2017

The Huawei P10 is a smartphone that never ceases to regale us. If he already talks elegance, you can make him more class with one of these 3 classes. The details !
The Huawei P10 has been available for purchase for a few weeks now and is the first of its kind. This smartphone that we could test and appreciate to the editorial has everything to please. But like all mobile phones, you must pamper it to protect it from scratches and / or protect it from falls. So, we tested several shells on the new flagship of the third smartphone manufacturer in the world and today, meltyStyle offers you 3 accessories that are part of the essential of a Huawei addict.
Specially designed for the Huawei P10, this ultra-thin shell goes completely unnoticed. But despite its transparency, it is solid. It offers protection at the same time fine and durable to the P10, a smartphone that owns the footballer Antoine Griezmann , against the occasional damage of the daily. You can get it, by HERE , at only 7.50 euros.
Our favorites
3 hulls and covers to have a Huawei P10 even more class!
You can protect the screen of your Huawei P10, while remaining classy! That’s the message we get with the superb Smart View Flip hull. While being aware of all the incoming notifications as well as the time (if you do not yet have the Huawei Watch 2 just tested) thanks to the intelligent flap incorporating a window of visualization, this shell offers a very beautiful Protection to your new phone. Designed from high quality materials, this sophisticated looking hull is available for purchase, here.
The 2 in 1
Designed from durable, durable imitation leather, the Huawei P10 Olixar Wallet offers superb protection for your mobile phone. Versatile as the name suggests, this case also incorporates a space dedicated to the storage of your cards . And as if that was not enough, it also offers a cool way of visualizing the photos captured with your P10 (can you do better than our photos of Barcelona ?) And yes, you understood . With this cover that is available, here , your wallet serves only one thing: stay at home!