dual photo sensor

OnePlus 5: Hello dual photo sensor, goodbye jack according to these 2 photos!

Two new pictures of the OnePlus 5 have leaked. We see the dual photo sensor of the flagship ... But no jack
Now that the HTC U 11 has been ...

19 May, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The dual photo sensor with 3x optical zoom gains credibility!

The Galaxy Note 8 should be equipped with a dual photo sensor with 3x optical zoom. This is what the Korea Herald website says.
A few hours ago, ...

17 May, 2017
3 hulls and covers to have a Huawei P10 even more class!

The Huawei P10 is a smartphone that never ceases to regale us. If he already talks elegance, you can make him more class with one of these 3 classes. ...

21 April, 2017
OnePlus 5: Double photo sensor confirmed

The dual photo sensor of the OnePlus 5 gains credibility. On the hull that has leaked, a large opening is intended to accommodate two objectives.
A ...

14 April, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus: A leaked photo reveals its dual photo sensor

Stolen photos of the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus were unveiled. The opportunity to admire its elegant design and its dual photo sensor back.
A few hours ago, ...

3 April, 2017
Honor Note 9: The smartphone XXL dual photo sensor has leaked!

The first picture of the Honor Score 9 has leaked! The opportunity to admire its large format and its double photo sensor.
On April 5, Honor will ...

28 March, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6: Its dual photo sensor unveils in leaked images

A few weeks before his presentation, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is more than ever talking about him. Its dual photo sensor has just leaked.
The Xiaomi Mi 6 ...

24 March, 2017
Wiko officializes Wiko WiM, the most expensive smartphone in its history!

Wiko has taken advantage of the MWC 2017 to present its new smartphones including the Wiko WiM. Featuring a dual photo sensor, this smartphone is the ...

28 February, 2017
Honor V9 official, a taste of Honor 9?

Honor has formalized Honor V9 in China. The successor to the V8 Honor gives us a glimpse of what the highly anticipated Honor 9. The details!
Honor, ...

22 February, 2017