OnePlus 5: Double photo sensor confirmed

Techno 14 April, 2017

The dual photo sensor of the OnePlus 5 gains credibility. On the hull that has leaked, a large opening is intended to accommodate two objectives.
A few hours ago, meltyStyle announced that the OnePlus 3T “Midnight Black” was living its last moments . In the meantime, the limited edition of the flagship will be removed from the manufacturer’s website. But if you have not had time to shopper it until now, it may not be so bad … Why? Because the OnePlus 5 whose name has recently been confirmed should be even more eerie than the OnePlus 3T. Already mentioned, its dual photo sensor is still gaining credibility today … The photo of a hull apparently destined for the future flagship has just been unveiled, and confirms the presence of such a device. Before telling you more, we let you know.
Like the Xiaomi Mi 6 which was recently the subject of a totally WTF teaser , the OnePlus 5 should be equipped with a dual photo sensor at the rear. In the photograph that Gizmochina has gleaned from “Chinese sources”, the presumed hull of the OnePlus 5 seems indeed destined to accomodate two objectives . The opening is far too big for one objective to be affected, as you can see. In addition to its photo quality, the OnePlus 5 should stand out with a Quad HD screen, a Snapdragon 835 processor and 8 GB of RAM, among others. At meltyStyle, we’re already looking forward to learning more about it. And you, are you interested?